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The Brutal Reality of Not Having Life Insurance
Please keep in mind!!
Medicare Advantage for 2013
CRITICAL ILLNESS - Fills many needs


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Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug for 2013


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The Brutal Reality of Not Having Life Insurance

As I write this post, my heart is heavy.  Two times in the past few weeks the brutal reality of not having life insurance has touched people or families of people that I know.

In large part, those of us in the industry have become very reticent, it seems, to ever bring up life insurance with family, friends, or consumers.  The reason being?  Not wanting to see that look on people's faces that says.."Ohhhh great, here we go with the ole' life insurance pitch!"  

Please keep in mind!!

One thing we've been coming across during this Medicare AEP (annual enrollment period)-- PLEASE remember that if you have an MAPD (Medicare Advantage Plan with RX), you CANNOT then take out a stand-alone prescription drug plan.  Many people are getting mailing after mailing in their mailbox, soliciting a RX (Part D) plan.  If sign up for a RX plan, it will automatically knock you off of your MAPD plan, and you will have NO medical coverage come January 1! 
If you, or someone you know, has mistakenly done this, it is not too late!

Medicare Advantage for 2013

It is that time of year again...time to take a look at your Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans and see what changes are on the horizon.  If you haven't already received a letter stating your plan changes for 2013, you will be shortly.  For some, depending on the plan you are currently enrolled in, there is increased out-of-pocket costs, an increased brand prescription deductible, and a premium associated with a plan that did have a $0 premium. 
We do have some attractive alternatives that may benefit you, so scheduling an appointment to go over all of your plan changes and the options available to you could be very beneficial.

CRITICAL ILLNESS - Fills many needs

Are you a small business owner?  Close to retirement?  Self-employed? Have a high-deductible medical plan? Have kids in college?
If you were able to answer YES to any of these questions, you MUST also ask yourself this question: If I was diagnosed with a critical illness, how would I still be able to fulfill my financial obligations and of those depending upon me?
The cost of critical illness goes beyond what is covered by insurance; it is expenses like travel cost, and time off of work, possible forced early retirement.