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The Brutal Reality of Not Having Life Insurance

As I write this post, my heart is heavy.  Two times in the past few weeks the brutal reality of not having life insurance has touched people or families of people that I know.

In large part, those of us in the industry have become very reticent, it seems, to ever bring up life insurance with family, friends, or consumers.  The reason being?  Not wanting to see that look on people's faces that says.."Ohhhh great, here we go with the ole' life insurance pitch!"  

But the reality is- PEOPLE NEED LIFE INSURANCE.  Everyone always thinks it's "other" people, or other segments/age groups of people, that need it- not them.  These past few weeks I have seen the devastating blow reach young 20 year old's newly married with a baby on the way as well as more mature families with kids in high school and college.  

Dealing with any loss, but especially a sudden and unexpected loss, of a loved one leaves you reeling and barely able to function.  I cannot even imagine having to also worry about how I am now going to be able to pay for the funeral, keep my house, continue with the children's education, raise a child, pay my bills, in short- continue to LIVE as I and my children need to live. 

It has been heartwarming and encouraging to see, in both of these cases, the community, family and friends rally around these affected by the sudden loss of their loved one.  Contribution sites have been set up to help with all of the aforementioned costs and future costs, and the monetary support they have received has been astounding.  But as much as this has warmed my heart, and others hearts as well, it also saddens me.  It saddens me that during such an anguished and horrific time, money has to even be thought about. Money should be an afterthought, not the first thought.  

Family, Friends, Consumers- please, please realize the importance of protecting your family for the unknown, the same as you work so hard to protect them now in the day to day.  Agents- if you're not already, you need to set aside your fears and inhibitions and do the right thing by talking to people about the importance of protecting their loved ones.

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